Jennifer speaking to audience at event

Mission Statement

Through consultancy, training, speaking, research and collaborative projects Team Finch supports those who want to better understand the role of gender and sexuality in preK-12 education and organizational life. With increased understanding of Gender and Sexuality Diversity, schools and organizations can build safe, inclusive and relevant learning and work communities. We are dedicated to providing tools, language and skills for living and serving in our complex, multicultural world.

Jennifer working with children

The Team Finch Promise

With every client, Jennifer Bryan and her colleagues at Team Finch promise to:

  • provide a clear process to do this work
  • assess and identify your specific learning needs
  • build and cultivate a sense of safety in the community
  • address challenges of change at both the individual and institutional levels
  • offer strong guidance and support throughout the process
  • work with others in a personal, warm and engaging manner