A workshop with Jennifer Bryan feels personal and small, despite the room being full of many people. She is a fantastic facilitator, using experience, humor, and empathy to connect to her audience quickly and meaningfully. She presents her material in a way that is accessible and relevant to classroom teachers and school leaders. Using video, case studies, research, and personal stories to foster a sense of shared exploration amongst the group, Jennifer emphasizes that working on topics of gender and sexuality diversity in our schools is a highly collaborative and human endeavor.

Jennifer Bryan is one of the best presenters I’ve worked with in my career. She frames gender, sexuality, gender expression and other identity markers in an accessible way for her audience that has us all thinking critically about our school practices and how we care for the people in our communities. Her presentations are both thought-provoking and practical, offering equal opportunity for deep reflection and pragmatic planning. Her humor, kindness and openness all make her workshops fun, too. Jennifer’s presentations have enduring influence on me and my colleagues and I will happily and eagerly work with her again.

Dr. Jennifer Bryan has been a mainstay at the TABS Annual Conference for one reason: she’s superb. She consistently earns outstanding evaluations from conference attendees for both content and delivery. As a presenter, Jennifer achieves several rare unions: mastery and amiability, dynamism and insight, clarity and nuance. And as a facilitator and workshop leader, she brings uncommon intelligence and sensitivity to her work and to the people it touches. I recommend her enthusiastically.

Jennifer Bryan has been the “go-to” professional for ISAS professional development sessions on gender and sexual diversity matters for a number of years. Each time, she has provided enlightening, thought-provoking, and inspiring sessions that have been well-received and appreciated. Our educators have praised her ability to empower and equip them to grapple with hard topics in meaningful ways and to challenge them to view these diversity issues through the prism of their school missions.