Jennifer Bryan is a skilled and energetic facilitator. She is playful, lively and also highly attuned to the needs of participants. Her deep understanding of group dynamics allows her to develop experiences that resonate with teams of all types. Jennifer’s flexibility in the moment and keen sense what “learners” need helps her successfully move teams to new understandings, habits and mindsets. A great listener and collaborator, Jennifer models the “Yes, and . . .” spirit and champions a human-centered approach to working with audiences of all kinds.

Jennifer Bryan is one of the best presenters I’ve worked with in my career. She frames gender, sexuality, gender expression and other identity markers in an accessible way for her audience that has us all thinking critically about our school practices and how we care for the people in our communities. Her presentations are both thought-provoking and practical, offering equal opportunity for deep reflection and pragmatic planning. Her humor, kindness and openness all make her workshops fun, too. Jennifer’s presentations have enduring influence on me and my colleagues and I will happily and eagerly work with her again.