Jennifer Bryan and Team Finch provided amazing support as we took first steps in our organization to update our language and thinking on gender-related issues. They were very professional and personable from start to finish. As a trainer myself, I particularly appreciated that they helped us think through how to achieve the most sustainable and long-lasting impact from our training work together, and that they’ve made themselves available for follow-up as we needed it.

After nearly half of our faculty requested to attend Jennifer’s NWAIS workshop on Gender and Sexuality Diversity in schools, we decided we needed to bring her to Northwest. She did sessions for parents, for our full faculty, for all of our international students (about 90 kids from 12 countries), for upper school grade levels, for middle school classes, for 12th grade Humanities electives and managed throughout to be so brilliant, gracious, and so unflinchingly supportive and constructively critical that the whole community looks forward to her return!

As the Chairperson for a Parent diversity group at a private elementary school, I have had the great pleasure of working with Jennifer Bryan. We have had Jennifer come to speak with our Parent Diversity Group twice over the past four years and each time her presentation has been very enthusiastically received. Jennifer is able to discuss with ease, sensitivity and humor one of the toughest diversity topics I know, sexual orientation. She does it so well that even the most anxious parent becomes engaged.